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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
We've Moved our Kids Blog!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Cuneo Mansion and Gardens by: Donalie B. from the Hawthorn Elementary North School in Vernon Hills
You should definitely go to the Cuneo Mansion and Gardens and the Cuneo Winter Wonderland in Lake County, Illinois and here are my magnificent reasons why.

First of all, in the winter time you can go to the wonderful Winter Wonderland! The flickering lights will blow your mind, it will look like these lights are coming to life. Next, all your kids favorite TV stars will be there for them to see and their happiness is everything! Finally, you can play a fun game of finding all the snowmen with your family, and it will bring your family together.

Second, you can go to the incredible Cuneo Mansion. They have breathtaking tours on this exceptional mansion. They are fast and well worth it. Another reason to go is that the mansion is so gorgeous that people have weddings there. It is a beautiful venue. Last, the art is so brilliant, you won't be able to take your eyes off it.

Third, there is the most spectacular gardens you have ever seen! The 75 acres of gardens have phenomenal statues that look so real, as if they were alive. The fully bloomed flowers smell and look marvelous with the green grass and trees. Also, as the birds fly over head and the sun shines you will feel like royalty.

You should go the Cuneo attractions because of the incredible Cuneo Mansion, the Wonderful Winter Wonderland, and the most beautiful gardens. Have Fun!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Winter Wonderland by: Nicole, Josh & Paulina from the Hawthorn Elementary North School
Bling! Bling! Shine! Welcome to Winter Wonderland!! Winter Wonderland is a beautiful light show made of Christmas lights. It is held on the grounds of the Cuneo Mansion in Vernon Hills. It is open the day after Thanksgiving through the end of December from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. The price is $5.00 a car weekdays Monday-Thursday and $10.00 for Friday through Sunday.

The light show has are over 150 animated and lighted holiday displays! Once you enter Winter Wonderland, you will see big decorative candy canes. You will also see gingerbread men and snowmen along the way. There is usually a contest to count how many snowmen you can find. I think there are about ten of them. You will also enjoy winter music on the radio, like "Jingle Bells", "Twelve Days of Christmas", "Frosty the Snowman", and many more. First when you arrive you pay the money and then you have to drive slowly to make sure you don't miss anything. One thing we don't like about the show is that is uses too much electricity, which is not good for the Earth.

So anyway, I think you should visit Winter Wonderland, I am sure you will love it and you can spend time with the family.

Thursday, December 1, 2011
The Westfield Mall by: Anna H. from Hawthorn Elementary North in Vernon Hills
Are you having trouble looking for a place to on vacation? Lake County, Illinois is the place. Lake County has a great mall called Westfield Hawthorn and it is the place for you and here are my reasons why! It is located in Vernon Hills, IL.

To begin with, the mall has a lot of stores for shopping, electronics and just about anything you might need. One reason to go shopping at Westfield might be if you have electronics that need to be fixed, they have a Radio Shack store that will fix them or if you want to buy electronics you can pretty much get what you need there too. The second reason why you should go shopping at Westfield is because there is a lot of stores where you can buy clothes, shoes and many other things. The third reason you should go is to shop at the Barnes & Noble store to buy books you enjoy or buy books for a present for someone.

In addition, Westfield Hawthorn has many restaurants available, which is very convenient. If you are tired from all the walking and shopping you can eat. The food there is quick and brilliant! Sometimes if the line is short, you can have your food in about 5-10 minutes, or if you are in a hurry they have fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Taco Bell and many more. Finally, if you are tired you can rest and have a snack or a whole meal.

Lastly, Westfield Mall has splendid rides to try. One of the rides is a train. When you are on the train ride, you can explore all sorts of things around the mall because the train takes you around the entire mall. They also have moving rides, which are fun too. The mall also has a place for kids to play, so if you have little kids, they will enjoy their time at the mall too.

To end with, I strongly recommend that you visit Westfield Hawthorn Mall when you vacation in Lake County. The stores are splendid and fantastic. There is a store that fixes electronics and the food is amazing. This is a place you wouldn't want to miss. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Winter Wonderland by: Leah W. & Matthew F. from the Hawthorn Elementary North School in Vernon Hills
I think you should go the the Winter Wonderland because of all the fun stuff there. I suggest you go there because it is easy to get in and enjoy, you can do a lot of activities while you are in the car and you can spend lots of time with the family.

First of all, I recommend you go to Winter Wonderland because it is really easy to get in! You only have to pay $5 on the weekdays and $10 on the weekends. This counts for the whole group of people. Even though you can't go to Winter Wonderland during New Year's Day and Christmas Eve and day, it is open November 25th through December 31st.

Second, I suggest you go to Winter Wonderland because there is a lot of fun activities to do while you are driving through the light show. While you are watching the lights you can do the scavenger hunt for 19 snowmen! In the beginning it tells you that the hunt is starting and you can have fun looking for the hidden snowmen. There are also signs that have pictures from the song The 12 Days of Christmas, so you can sing it on the way. The light show is all about lights in different characters, so you can look for your favorite character.

Finally, I recommend you go to Winter Wonderland because you can spend time with your family. When you are driving you can talk and spend time with them by talking about your day, and doing the snowman scavenger hunt! You also can have fun and sing songs and see your favorite characters. You can have a snack and just watch the beautiful lights.

This is why you should go to Winter Wonderland, because you can just get in line and wait for a minute, you can do lots of fun activities while you are driving through the light show and you can spend quality time with your whole family!

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